Corporate Information

Press Release (Mar 22,2011)
March 23rd (Wed): Group 4 (Original Schedule: 15:20 - 19:00)
-Blackout Period: Approximately 3 hours (15:20 -19:00)
-Expected Number of Customers: Approximately 1,950,000
-Applicable Region:  Saitama pref., Kanagawa pref., Tokyo, Yamanashi pref.,
 Gunma pref., Tochigi pref.

 Kawaguchi City, Soka City, Yashio City, Warabi City
 Saitama City (Urawa Ward, Minuma Ward, Sakura Ward, Nishi Ward, Omiya Ward,
 Chuo Ward, Minami Ward, Kita Ward, Midori Ward), Toda City, Kawaguchi City,
 Warabi City

 Kiyokawa village, Isehara City, Ebina city, Atsugi City, Zama City,
 Sagamihara City (Chuo Ward, Minami Ward, Midori Ward), Machida City, Aikawa

 Saitama city (Iwatsuki Ward), Okegawa City, Kazo City, Kuki City, Satte City,
 Ageo City, Miyashiro Town, Shiraoka Town, Ina Town, Hasuda City 

 Inagi City, Kunitachi City, Akishima City, Hino City, Hachioji City,
 Tachikawa City

 Yokohama City (Tsurumi Ward), Kawasaki City (Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki Ward,
 Nakahara Ward) 

 Saitama City (Minuma Ward, Nishi Ward, Omiya Ward, Chuo Ward, Kita Ward),
 Fujimino City, Okegawa City, Sayama City, Kumagaya City, Kounosu City,
 Sakado City, Ageo City, Niiza City, Fukaya City, Kawagoe City, Yorii Town,
 Yokoze Town, Minano Town, Nagatoro Town, Higashichichibu Village, Chichibu
 City, Asaka City, Tsurugashima City, Higashimatsuyama City, Hidaka City,
 Ogose Town, Moroyama Town, Iruma City, Hanno City, Tokigawa Town, Namegawa
 Town, Yoshimi Town, Ogawa Town, Kawajima Town, Hatoyama Town, Ranzan Town,
 Fujimi City, Wako City 

 Koshu City, Kofu City, Yamanashi City, Ichikawamisato Town, Chuo City,
 Showa Town, Fuefuki City

 Isesaki City, Ota City, Chiyoda Town, Oizumi Town, Oura Town, Kumagaya City

 Midori City, Isesaki City, Kiryu City, Ota City, Honjo City, Ashikaga City

 Saitama City (Urawa Ward,  Minami Ward, Midori Ward), Toda City,  Warabi
 City, Kawaguchi City

 Saitama City (Urawa Ward, Omiya Ward, Minami Ward, Midori Ward), Toda City,
 Kawaguchi City, Hatogaya City, Warabi City, Adachi Ward

 Odawara City, Hadano City, Yugawara Town, Hakone Town, Kaisei Town, Yamakita
 Town, Matsuda Town, Ooi Town, Nakai Town, Minamiashigara City, Oyama Town*1

 Iwafune Town, Tatebayashi City, Sano City, Ashikaga City, Tochigi City,
 Chiyoda Town, Itakura Town, Meiwa Town, Oura Town

*No. is based on each substation's coverage area.

•Start time and end time may slightly differ in each Group.
•Depending upon the demand-supply conditions during the designated day,
  additional blackout may occur at other than the scheduled time.
•We will make maximum efforts to continue supplying electricity to the
  railroad services and may not carry out the rolling blackout to them.
•The blackout may only be applied to certain areas within the group.

*1 Newly appointed areas due to opeartion changes in the substations.
   However, those areas could be out of the list when they are reenergized
   due to the operational reasons in the future.
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