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Press Release (Mar 25,2011)
Power Supply and Demand Outlook in This Summer and Measures
1.Supply and Demand Situation and its Outlook
Because many of our nuclear power stations and thermal power stations are
severely damaged and forced to shut down due to the 
Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake, TEPCO has made every endeavor to 
ensure a stable power supply now. The power supply capacity for this summer 
in TEPCO is estimated at around 46.50 million kW as of this moment.  
In the meantime, given the prospect for influence of the earthquake and 
energy-saving effect, the peak demand for this summer in TEPCO is expected 
to be around 55.00 million kW (daily peak at generation end), which is 5.00 
million kW less than that in the same season of last year. (The estimation 
of the average peak demand in weekday is estimated at around 48.00 million 
For this reason, since it is expected that the power supply capacity will 
be much less than the peak demand in this summer, TEPCO will concentrate 
our efforts in strengthening the capacity for power supply, and will also 
vigorously pursue demand-side measures for further energy saving.  

2.Additional Power Supply Capacity (included in the supply capacity as of end of July, 2011 in the above) (1)Recovery from shutdown caused by the earthquake disaster [7.60 million kW] Unit No.1 to No. 6 at Kashima Thermal Power Station, Unit No.1 at Hitachinaka Thermal Power Station, etc. (2)Restart of operation of thermal power generation units under long-term scheduled shutdown [0.90 million kW] Unit No.1 to No. 4 at Yokosuka Thermal Power Station (3)Recovery from periodical inspection [3.70 million kW] Unit No.1-1 at Shinagawa Thermal Power Station, Unit No.7-2 of Yokohama Thermal Power Station, etc. (4)Installation of gas turbine, etc. [0.40 million kW] (5)Others [▲2.60 million kW] Decrease of output from existing thermal power stations in summer (due to increase of ambient temperature), etc. TEPCO will continuously consider additional measure for further strengthening the power supply capacity. 3.Demand-Side Measures While asking all of our customers to cooperate in energy saving, TEPCO will continue to improve power supply and demand situation, utilizing supply and demand adjustment contract. We sincerely regret causing anxiety and inconvenience to our customers, and appreciate your continuous cooperation in conserving electricity consumption.
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