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Press Release (Mar 25,2011)
The improvement of implementation of rolling blackout (introduction of subdivision of each group)
TEPCO has been implementing the rolling blackout since March 14 due to the 
tightening power supply-demand balance caused by the Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki 
Earthquake. We sincerely regret causing anxiety and inconvenience to our 
customers and the society. We appreciate your cooperation in conserving 
electricity consumption. 

As previously informed on March 22nd, we have recently divided the area 
subject to the rolling blackout into 5 groups and announced the schedule 
of blackout based on such groups. Hereafter from March 26th, we will 
ramify each existing group further into 5 sub groups based on prefecture.

This is to enable our customers to predict the blackout more accurately as 
the blackout is currently implemented within the group entirely and 
partially depending on the actual demand-supply balance. 

This improvement is to enable our customers to figure out the areas of 
rolling blackout more easily, therefore the concept of the rolling 
blackout, the existing groups and the period of blackout will remain 

Sub groups take turn for the blackout so that the unequal treatment among 
customers will be avoided. 

Please refer to the attachment on our website for the detailed region of 
the groups. 

[Ramification of groups]
Ramification of groups
TEPCO plans to introduce additional measures to improve our operation such as the following example for the better announcement of blackout forecast. (actual introduction will be determined after successfully installing the group ramification. ) [forecast mark: example]
forecast mark: example
TEPCO will continue to do its utmost to secure the stable supply of electricity. We apology for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your continuous cooperation in conservation of electricity and your understanding for the rolling blackout. attachment1:Datail of rollig blackout area for each group(PDF 46.6KB) attachment2:Rolling blackout which segmentalizes areas(image)(PDF 69.7KB)
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