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Press Release (Mar 27,2011)
March 28th, 2011 (Mon), Group 2 Notice of the planned blackout
March 28th, 2011 (Mon): Group 2 (Original Schedule: 9:20 - 13:00)
The blackout areas from around 9:20 - 13:00 are shown below.

-Blackout Period: Approximately 3 hours (9:20 - 13:00)
(It may change slightly)

-Expected Number of Customers: Approximately 1,550,000

-Applicable Region: Tochigi pref., Saitama pref., Chiba pref.

<Details of the regions>

No.A Tochigi pref.
 Iwafune Town, Nogi Town, Kanuma City, Oyama City, Tochigi City

No.B Saitama pref.
 Sayama City, Sakado City, Kawagoe City, Tsurugashima City, Hidaka City
 Ogose Town, Moroyama Town, Iruma City, Hanno City,
 Tokigawa Town, Hanyu City, Okegawa City, Kazo City, Kuki City,
 Kumagaya City, 
 Satte City, Gyoda City, Konosu City, Kitamoto City, Saitama City
 (Urawa Ward, Iwatsuki Ward, Minami Ward, 
  Midori ward, Omiya ward, Chuo Ward), Koshigaya City, Kasukabe City,
 Kawaguchi City, Miyashiro Town, Shiraoka Town, Sugito Town, YoshikawaCity,
 Misato City, Soka City, Matsubushi Town

No.C Chiba pref.
 Sakura City, Narashino City, Yachiyo City, Ichikawa City, Matsudo City,
 Funabashi City, Chiba City (Hanamigawa Ward)

•Start time and end time may slightly differ in each Group.
•Depending on the conditions of supply and demand during the
 designated day, additional blackouts may occur at other than the
 scheduled time.
•The blackout may only be applied to certain areas within a designated
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