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Press Release (Mar 30,2011)
Smoke generation from the turbine building at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 2
On approximately 5:56 pm, March 30th 2011, TEPCO employee discovered smoke 
generation from power panel (*)at the turbine building Unit 1 (Reactor 
cold shoutdown). On 5:57 pm, March 30th 2011, TEPCO immediately reported 
this incident to the fire department.
Subsequently the fire department consisting of TEPCO employee inspected 
the area. On approximately 6:13 pm, March 30th 2011,we confirmed the smoke 
generation stopped after interrupt electrical supply to the power panel.

From now, the fire department will conduct inspection around the area.

TEPCO will also conduct an investigation into a cause in detail.
This incident will not cause any effect of radiation externally.

(*) power panel: power supply board to supply electricity to the motor of 
    a drawing water pump to the outdoor duct. 
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