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Press Release (Apr 05,2011)
Implementation Plan of Rolling Blackouts on and after April 6, 2011
Due to the tight power supply-demand balance, TEPCO has been implementing 
rolling blackouts since Monday, March 14. We sincerely regret causing 
anxiety and inconvenience to our customers and the society. We appreciate 
your cooperation in conserving electricity consumption.
For customers who will be subject to rolling blackouts, please be prepared 
for the announced blackout periods. Also, for the customers who are not 
subject to blackouts, we would appreciate your continuous cooperation in 
reducing electricity usage by turning off unnecessary lightings and 
electrical appliances. 
We will inform the implementation plan of rolling blackouts on and after 
April 6, 2011 as follows:

○ Implementation plan of rolling blackout on April 6 (Wed)
On April 6, Wednesday, no rolling blackout will be implemented in any time 
periods based on the today's power demand, the weather forecast tomorrow 
on April 6 and the trend of the power supply.
Because of your cooperation in conserving electricity, we can avoid the 
rolling blackout for tomorrow on April 6. We appreciate your continuous 

○ Implementation plan of rolling blackouts from April 7 (Thu) to April 
12 (Tues) 
   Please refer to the appendix for details.

   ● The actual blackout period for each Group is planned to be up to 
      approximately 3 hours during the relevant scheduled time period.
   ● Each blackout period for each Group differs every day and starting 
      and ending time of blackout periods may slightly differ.
   ● Depending on the supply-demand balance of the day, planned blackouts 
      may not be carried out. In case the electricity supply-demand 
      balance becomes tighter than expected, we will reconsider the 
      rolling blackout plan and inform you accordingly before we implement 
      the revised plan.
   ● A blackout may occur in the adjacent areas where the planned blackouts 
      are carried out.

   ● In order to prevent fires, please make sure to switch off electric 
      appliances such as hair driers when you leaving home.
   ● Please carefully pay attention to the traffic at the crossings in 
      case the traffic lights are suddenly turned off.
   ● As for the buildings and apartments, please be aware that equipments 
      and facilities such as elevators, automatic doors, automatic locks, 
      and multilevel parking lots will not function. In particular, please 
      avoid using elevators during the scheduled blackouts.

○ Prediction of demand and supply on April 5 and April 6
* Prediction of demand Tomorrow on April 6, since the temperature is forecasted to be higher than that of today, we assume the estimated peak demand on April 6 will be 33,500MW, which is lower than that of today on April 5. * Estimated demand and supply capacity may change depending on the situation of the day.
Appendix: Weekly Rolling Blackout Tentative Plan from April 6(Wed)to 
          April 12(Tues) (PDF 60.6KB)
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