Corporate Information

Press Release (Apr 12,2011)
Fire at the sampling equipment at the water discharge channel, Unit 1-4, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
At approximately 6:38 AM, April 12th, fire has been found at the 
distribution switchboard containing batteries located in the sampling 
equipment switchbox situated close to the south water discharge channel 
for Unit 1-4. The self defense fire fighting team conducted the fire 
fighting at an early stage. At the same time, at approximately 6:45 AM, 
we reported to the Futaba fire authorities. 
As a result of the fire fighting, it is confirmed that the fire has been 
under control without fire or smoke.

There is no impact on the external release of radioactive substances or 
on the cooling capability of the reactor from this incident. There has 
been no change on the monitoring figures of the surrounding environment. 
We will continue monitoring the status of the plant and the surrounding 
environment around the Power Station. We will investigate the cause in 
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