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Press Release (Apr 15,2011)
Power Supply and Demand Outlook in This Summer and Measures(2nd Release)
1.Supply and Demand Situation and its Outlook 
Because many of our nuclear power stations and thermal power stations are 
severely damaged and forced to shut down due to the 
Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake, we have announced on March 25, 2011, 
that the power supply capacity for this summer in TEPCO is estimated at 
around 46.50 million kW, far below the expected peak demand, 55.00 million 
kW (daily peak at generation end).
 (note) The peak demand of last summer, which the temperature was 
considered to be extremely high, recorded 59.99million kW (July 23, 2010) 
Thereafter, we have been concentrating our efforts in strengthening the 
capacity for power supply, such as recovery from shutdown of power plants 
(mainly thermal power plants) caused by the earthquake disaster, resuming 
operation of thermal power generation units under long-term scheduled 
shutdown and regular inspections. Now, as we could expect the additional 
power supply capacity, such as installation of gas turbines, we would like 
to upwardly revise the capacity for power supply this summer, at around 
50.70 million kW to 52.00 million kW.
However, the power supply capacity for this summer is still expected to 
fall below the peak demand. Therefore, we will continue to exert utmost 
effort to strengthen the capacity for power supply, in order to continue 
avoiding the rolling blackouts. We would also like to ask our customers to 
cooperate in reducing electricity consumption in summer time. 

2.Additional Power Supply Capacity (changes from the announcement on March 25) (1)Installation of gas turbine, etc. [+0.20 million kW in July (0.60 million kW in total), +0.80 million kW in August (1.20 million kW in total)]We will install them at the sites of Chiba Thermal Power Station,Sodegaura Thermal Power Station, etc. (2)Recovery from shutdown caused by the earthquake disaster and regular inspection. [1.10 million kW] Unit No.1, 3 and 4 at Kashima Kyodo Thermal Power Station Unit No.8 and 9 at Joban Joint Thermal Power Station (3)Others [0.20 million kW in July, ▲1.70 million kW in August] Decrease of supply capacity from the end of July to August is caused by outage due to regular inspections (4)Utilization of pumped hydropower generation [4.00 million kW] TEPCO will continuously exert utmost effort to ensure the additional capacity for power supply such as additional installation of gas turbines, recovery from shutdown caused by the earthquake disaster and from outage due to regular inspections, and additional utilization of pumped hydropower generation. 3.Demand-Side Measures Daily peak demands currently remain at the level at about 20 percent lower than the previous year, not only from the stagnation of the business activities caused by the earthquake, but also from the result of the cooperation of our customers in energy saving. TEPCO continuously ask all of our customers to cooperate in for energy saving, on the basis of "Outline of Countermeasures for Power Supply and Demand During Summertime" presented by the Electricity Supply-Demand Emergency Response Headquarters of the government. In addition, we will actively carry forward the demand-side measures, such as consultation and information service for efficient usage of electricity, equipment inspection, and suggestion for supply and demand adjustment contract. We sincerely regret causing anxiety and inconvenience to our customers, and appreciate your continuous cooperation in conserving electricity consumption.
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