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Press Release (Apr 25,2011)
Comment of the president regarding "Reduction of directors' remuneration and amendment of recruitment plan for 2012"
We sincerely apologize especially to the local society around power 
station, public, and our customers for great anxiety and inconvenience 
being caused by the wide spread damage to TEPCO's facilities especially 
for nuclear power station due to the Tohoku-Chihou- Taiheiyou-oki 

Considering the impact of significant deficits of companies' financial 
position due to the compensation under the Act on Compensation for 
Nuclear Damages to the people who suffered nuclear damages by the 
accident of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station due to the earthquake
and increase of restoration cost of TEPCO's facilities from damages of 
disasters, we will implement deductions of directors' remuneration and 
re-examined recruitment plan for the year 2012. Total of deduction for 
directors' remuneration and employees' salaries will be amounted to 
54billion yen annually.

We will continue to endeavor utmost effort to handle current situation as
well as conduct cost reduction in every aspects, without sanctuary, 
through fundamental downsizing and security of funding without 
sacrificing securing stable supply of electricity and ensuring safety.

                                                         Masataka Shimizu
                                             Tokyo Electric Power Company 
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