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Press Release (Apr 27,2011)
Excess of the statutory exposure dose limits of TEPCO employees at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
We have been determining the exposure dose*1 of each worker during the 
emergency work at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. On April 27th, 
2011, we have confirmed that the effective exposure dose from January 1st, 
2011 to March (the 4th quarter of the 2010 fiscal year) of a female 
employee who has been in the restoration work after the Tohoku-Chihou-
Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake is 17.55 mSv, which is in excess of statutory 
dose limits*2 (5 mSv / 3 months).

With regard to the female employee, we have confirmed by a medical 
diagnosis that there is no impact on her health.

Since March 23rd, we have not had the female employee work within the 
premise of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

We are continuously determining the exposure dose in the 4th quarter.

*1 Determination of the exposure dose
Determining the exposure dose by adding exposure dose during the stay in 
Main Anti-Earthquake Building to the exposure dose during the work and 
evaluating the committed effective dose of internal exposure

*2 statutory dose limits
Section 9-1-1 of Regulation on the installation and operation of nuclear 
power generators:
Stipulates that exposure dose of workers may not exceed the limits set 
force by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Section 4-2 of Regulation on the prevention of ionizing radiation injury
Section 6-3 of Notice on the exposure dose limits based on section 4-2 of 
Regulation on the prevention of ionizing radiation injury:
Stipulates that the effective radiation dose of a female worker may not 
exceed 5 mSv in 3 months 
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