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Press Release (May 13,2011)
TEPCO's correspondences for pursuant to the government's decision regarding "Emergency support to the afflicted people with the nuclear accident"
Yesterday, decision was made by "Economic Damage occurred by nuclear power 
plant accident Response team Ministerial Conference" of government of 
Japan that prompt TEPCO to compensate immediately necessary funds against 
the loss suffered by the persons who engaged in Agriculture, Forestry and 
Fishery industry listed in the "primary guideline for judgment the extent 
of nuclear damage caused by the accident in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear 
Power Station and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station of TEPCO" issued 
by Committee for Adjustment of Compensation for Nuclear Damages Disputes.
TEPCO will promptly pursue setting up necessary procedure with the 
corporation of related personnel and associations in order to enable 
temporary payment against the loss suffered by the people who engaged in 
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery industry in light of this decision, 
while we have been processing to establish payment method in accordance 
with the "primary guideline".
Specifically, we expect the commencement of temporary payment by the end 
of May, and in order to facilitate the payment procedures smoothly, we 
will ask related trade associations to summarize necessary documentations 
regarding the loss which are applicable to the compensation.
Upon receiving documents submitted by those trade associations, we will 
examine its contents and proceed to pay a certain proportion of the 
claimed amount as temporary compensation payment.
We will also promptly pursue the necessary procedures to commence 
temporary payment smoothly against the loss suffered by the people of 
small and medium-sized business with the assistance of related 
association in light of the decision made by the government of Japan.
We will inform you further once we have decided detailed correspondence 
through the coordination with related associations.
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