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Press Release (May 20,2011)
Organizational Change of the Company
In accordance with the "Interim Business Operation and Rationalization 
Measures" announced today, we will restructure our internal organization 
as follows: 

1. Establishment of "Fukushima Daiichi Stabilization Center"
In order to steadily fulfill the "Roadmap toward restoration from the 
accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station", we will establish 
the "Fukushima Daiichi Stabilization Center" inside the Nuclear Power & 
Plant Siting Division. 
To enable the center to cope with the rapidly changing situation of the 
power station in a flexible and appropriate manner, the center will be 
located in the Hama-dori region (within Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power 
Station) of Fukushima Prefecture. The Deputy General Manager of the 
Nuclear Power & Plant Siting Division will be the resident superintendent. 
By conducting a technical study at the site, we will carry out a thorough 
hands-on approach and implement planned measures as well as construction 
work in cooperation with the power station. 
We will establish eight divisions within the center. They will be the 
"General Planning Department" to conduct progress management, the "Cooling 
Project Department" to cool reactors and spent fuel pools, the "Water 
Treatment Project Department" to isolate/store/treat contaminated water, 
the "Radiation Containment Project Department" to conduct radiation 
shielding, the "Technical Support Department" to conduct a safety 
assessment of the reactors, the "Radiation Protection & Environment 
Department" to conduct environmental monitoring, the "Plant Infrastructure 
Department" to implement measures to restore power wires as well as to 
maintain communication systems, and the "Civil Architecture Department" to 
conduct maintenance of civil engineering facilities. While maintaining a 
clear distinction of each division's individual responsibilities, we will 
implement measures to achieve restoration from the accident as soon as 
Moreover, we have appointed a person to serve as the"Fukushima Daiichi 
Stabilization Center Preparation Officer" today to oversee its establishment.

<Scheduled date for implementation>
  June 28, 2011

2. Restructuring of "Marketing & Sales Division" "Marketing & Sales Division" which serves as a contact point between corporate and domestic customers will be renamed the "Customer Relations Division." While sincerely responding to all customer comments, we will ask for their cooperation in conserving electricity, along with introducing measures to control demand. Furthermore, the Marketing & Customer Relations Department's "Center for Home Energy Promotion" inside this division will be closed. The Corporate Marketing & Sales Department's "Energy Solution Department for Industrial Customers" and the "Energy Solution Department for Commercial Customers" will be renamed the "Commercial Customer Energy Department" and the "Industrial Customer Energy Department", respectively. <Scheduled date for implementation> June 1, 2011
3. Restructuring of "Inter-corporate Business Promotion Department" and "International Affairs Department" With regards to TEPCO's group businesses, we will in principal streamline our assets and our organization to those entities only necessary to the electricity supply business. In light of the major business efficiency improvements and streamlining that will be carried out, we will rename the "Inter-corporate Business Promotion Department" to the "Inter-corporate Business Department" and close the "New Business Development Department" within that division. Furthermore, the "Overseas Business Development Department" within the International Affairs Department will be renamed the "Overseas Business Department." <Scheduled Implementation Date> June 1, 2011
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