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Press Release (May 20,2011)
Notice Concerning Revision of the Use of Proceeds Raised through Public Offering and Capital Increase by Way of Third-Party Allotment
The initial use of proceeds (totaled 446.8 billion yen) from a series of 
the offering resolved in September 2010 was for "capital investment toward 
a low-carbon society" and "investment and financing in growth 
opportunities" under our new management vision "2020 Vision." TEPCO has 
already used 23.3 billion yen for "capital investment toward a low-carbon 
society" and 9.4 billion yen for "investment and financing in growth 
opportunities" out of the total amount.

However, as it is inevitable to drastically revise our business operations 
because of the huge impacts and damages on our important facilities by the 
Great East Japan Earthquake, we have no choice but to withdraw the "2020 
Vision", TEPCO's mid-to-long term growth declaration.

Reflecting the revision of our business management policy, we have 
determined to suspend all of the investments except those essential to 
stable power supply in TEPCO's area in order to more concentrate on 
domestic power supply operations. The rest of the proceeds will be used 
for capital investment in domestic power facilities vital to stable power 

TEPCO sincerely regrets to make this notice. We truly appreciate 
understanding of our shareholders.
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