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Press Release (May 26,2011)
The Time-line Regarding Seawater Injection to Unit 1 at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
With regard to the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station due 
to the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake that occurred on March 11th, 
2011, we are currently doing our best to bring the situation under control 
and are proceeding with a factual investigation.

Amidst this backdrop, regarding the major time-line of seawater injection 
to Unit 1 which was conducted on March 12th, we would like to announce 
the facts identified so far as follows.

<Major time-line on March 12>
  Approx.12:00pm  President confirmed and approved the preparation for 
                  seawater injection 
  Approx.2:50pm   President confirmed and approved the implementation of 
                  seawater injection
  Approx.2:53pm   Injection of freshwater stopped
                  (80,000l were injected at this point)
  Approx.3:18pm   Reported to the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency
                  (NISA) that we were scheduling to inject seawater once 
  Approx.3:36pm   Hydrogen explosion
  Approx.6:05pm   Received instruction from the government regarding 
                  seawater injection
  Approx.7:04pm   Seawater injection was started
  Approx.7:06pm   Reported to NISA about seawater injection
  Approx.7:25pm   Based on the situational decision by our staff 
                  dispatched to the prime minister's office, the message 
                  stating "Prime minister's approval is not obtained 
                  regarding seawater injection here" was received at our 
                  headquarters and the power station. As a result of the 
                  discussion between headquarters and the power station, 
                  we decided to suspend the injection.
                  However, seawater injection was continued per a decision 
                  by the site superintendent at the power station.(*)
(*) As a result of the hearing conducted with relevant parties, we found 
    out that the seawater injection conducted at approximately 7:25pm was 
    not actually suspended and that the water was continually being 
    injected per a decision by the site superintendent. (In order to 
    prevent the accident from getting worse, continuous water injection 
    to the reactor is considered to be the most important measure) 
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