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Press Release (May 30,2011)
Status of Determining Exposure Dose limits of TEPCO employees at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
As part of emergency precautions being taken at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear 
Power Station, we have been evaluating the internal exposure dose of each 

Regarding the two TEPCO male employees, we were informed that levels of 
internal radioactivity (iodine 131) present in their thyroids is higher 
than normal according to the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (Independent 
Administrative Corporation), which is cooperating with us in the 
conducting of the examinations and evaluations.

The two TEPCO employees are scheduled to undergo a medical examination to 
be administered by the National Institute of Radiological Sciences 
(Independent Administrative Corporation). Continuous detailed monitoring 
of their internal exposure conditions will be conducted to determine their 
levels of exposure dosage*.

*1 Determining exposure dosage levels
This work is comprised of evaluating and adding the exposure dosage during 
both working hours and the time spent residing in the Anti-earthquake 
Building in addition to internal exposure levels of the committed dose 
(exposure spanning a 50-year period from this juncture). 
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