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Press Release (Jul 07,2011)
Status of Evaluation Work of TEPCO Employees' Exposure Dose at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (3rd release)
We have been evaluating* the internal exposure dose of each worker who 
participated in the emergency work at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power 
Station. We confirmed through the cooperation of the National Institute 
of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) and announced that the exposure dose of 
three TEPCO employees exceeded 250 mSv, the limit during emergency. 
                                    (Announced on June 10 and 20, 2011)

On July 6, 2011, we received from NIRS an evaluation report on three TEPCO 
employees other than the above-mentioned three. Based on the report, we 
evaluated the internal exposure dose, and confirmed that the additional 
three employees also exceeded 250 mSv, the limit during emergency. We 
hereby announce the evaluation result as follows. 
The employees had medical check, and as a result, we have confirmed that 
these was no impact on their health. 

<Exposure dose of the additional employee>
Mr.D: 308.93 mSv (external exposure 49.23 mSv, internal exposure 259.70 mSv) 
Mr.E: 475.50 mSv (external exposure 42.40 mSv, internal exposure 433.10 mSv) 
Mr.F: 359.29 mSv (external exposure 31.39 mSv, internal exposure 327.90 mSv) 
Note: The above does not include dose during stay at the main anti-
earthquake building and during transfer because they are under evaluation. 
We will add those after the evaluation and fix the total. 

* Evaluating exposure dose 
Work to evaluate and add the exposure dose during the work and the stay in 
the main anti earthquake building in addition to the committed dose 
(exposure spanning a 50-year period from this juncture) of the internal 
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