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Press Release (Aug 05,2011)
Commencement of Regular Inspection for Unit 1 of Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station
On August 6, 2011, we are going to commence the 16th regular inspection for 
Unit 1 of Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station (boiling water reactor 
type, 1,100 MW of rated output). The details are shown below. 

1.Planned working period for the inspection
  From August 6th, 2011 (60 days)

2.Main equipment that will be inspected
  (1) Reactor 
  (2) Reactor cooling system facility
  (3) Measuring control system facility
  (4) Fuel facility
  (5) Radiation control facility
  (6) Disposal facility 
  (7) Primary containment facility
  (8) Emergency reserve generation facility
  (9) Steam turbine

3.Planned construction during the regular inspection
  (1) Replacement of fuel assemblies
      176 fuel assemblies (764 in total) will be replaced.

  (2) Replacement construction for reactor core isolation cooling system 
      New ventilation pipes for the pipes in the core isolation cooling 
      system will be installed that exhaust mixed gas (hydrogen and oxygen) 
      in order to prevent the gas from accumulation that is generated 
      through radiation dissolution in the reactor.

  (3) Countermeasures against tsunami
      The following equipment will be arranged or installed for the 
      countermeasures against tsunami
      -Installing emergency high voltage distribution boards and laying 
       cables for emergency high voltage distribution boards of the 
       reactor building
      -Arranging alternative seawater thermal converter equipment 
      -Installing top ventilation equipment for the reactor building

  (1)Equipment inspection based on the special maintenance plan
     In order to monitor continuously the influence of the Nigata Prefecture 
     Chuetsu Oki Earthquake, which occurred on July 16, 2007, we will 
     conduct nondestructive inspection for the parts which have been judged 
     that they are not influenced by the earthquake after some fatigue 
     assessment and insect the equipment of which function works properly 
     in our opinion and therefore no countermeasures were taken although 
     subtle influence was confirmed. 

  (2)Inspection for ventilation air conditioning ducts 
     As a countermeasure against malfunction of ventilation air conditioning 
     ducts that was confirmed in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in 
     March, 2008, we will inspect the ventilation ducts.

  (3)Inspection of pipes for measuring jet pump*flow rate
     As an investigation for the causes with regard to malfunction of pipes 
     for measuring jet pump flow rate that was confirmed in Unit 2 of 
     Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station on March 12th, 2010, we will 
     inspect pipes for measuring jet pump flow rate during the inspection.

With respect to activation of the Unit 1, we will consult the national and 
local government adequately and deliberately. 

*Jet pumps
 Static pumps with no rotating parts that are used in order to circulate 
 cooling water in the reactor by water pressured by reactor cooling 
 recirculation pumps. 

<Reference> Status of Our Nuclear Power Stations

Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini 
  All the units are shut down due to the Tohoku Chihou Taiheiyou Oki 
  Earthquake of which epicenter is Sanriku Oki, which occurred on March 
  11th, 2011.

Kashiwazaki Kariwa 
    Unit 1 (1,100 MW)  Scheduled to be inspected from August 6th
    Unit 2 (1,100 MW)  Under regular inspection
    Unit 3 (1,100 MW)  Under regular inspection 
    Unit 4 (1,100 MW)  Under regular inspection 
    Unit 5 (1,100 MW)  In operation
    Unit 6 (1,356 MW)  In operation
    Unit 7 (1,356 MW)  In operation

The total output of the plants in operation is 3,812 MW of 3 units in total.

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