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Press Release (Aug 10,2011)
Commencement of Operation of Ukishima Solar Power Plant Promoting one of the largest solar power projects in Japan at coastal area of Kawasaki City-
Kawasaki City (Takao Abe, Mayor) and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)
(Toshio Nishizawa, President) agreed in October, 2011 on jointly
promoting large solar power projects and have been constructing solar
power plants with 20 MW of output in total at Ukishima and Ohgishima,
Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Today, we would like to announce the
commencement of the operation of Ukishima Solar Power Plant.
And, the operation of Ohgishima Solar Power Plant will be commenced in
December, 2011 as planned.

Ukishima Solar Power Station is a large solar power plant with 7 MW of
maximum output, constructed and operated by TEPCO at the land owned by
Kawasaki City. The plant is supposed to generate about 7,400MWh per year,
which is approximately equal to annual total energy consumption of 2,100
households, and will be operated by TEPCO for 18 years. 
The contribution to CO2 emission curtailment by this plant is expected to
be approximately 3,100t per year.

At the PR facility "Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Miraikan (operated by Kawasaki
City)", opened on August 6, the education on solar power generation will
be promoted and Kawasaki City's actions for environment will be sent out
domestically and internationally.

Currently, Kawasaki City has been taking countermeasures "Carbon
Challenge Kawasaki Eco-Strategy" against global warming. Including the
support for the installation of solar power generation facilities at
hoses and public institutions, several initiatives toward the low carbon
emission society have been taken.
Kawasaki City will continue to promote renewable energy through Ukishima
Solar Power Plant and Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Miraikan and further enhance
activities such as installation and verification tests of renewable
energy facilities.

TEPCO will continuously strive for the stable power supply and make more
use of renewable energy along with ensuring the construction and
operation of Ukishima and Ogishima Solar Power Plant.

Exhibit: Overview of the large solar power projects at coastal area of 
         Kawasaki City(PDF 86.5KB)
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