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Press Release (Sep 09,2011)
(Comment) Lift of Electricity Consumption Restriction per Article 27 of Electricity Business Act
                                                        September 9, 2011
                                                         Toshio Nishizawa
                                             Tokyo Electric Power Company

On August 30th, the Government announced that the electricity consumption 
restriction effective from July 1st per "Article 27 of the Electricity 
Business Act" will be lifted today.

During this period, I am aware of the huge impact that such restrictions 
have had on all of the business activities of those corporations and public 
institutions that entered into bulk power purchase agreements with TEPCO. 
Please accept my heartfelt apologies for the tremendous inconvenience that 

In comparing this summer to last year's, at peak temperatures the 
electricity demand was lower by approximately 9 to 10 GW enabling us to 
successfully maintain an even supply-demand balance. Nevertheless, we 
attribute this to the energy-saving efforts of all our customers including 
our bulk power purchasers. It is to all of those who extended their 
generous cooperative efforts that I bow down my head to and express my 
deepest appreciation.

While we will continue to exert maximum effort to stabilize the supply-
demand balance, we kindly request your continued efforts in keeping 
electricity consumption within reasonable levels.

We will release an announcement concerning the electricity supply-demand 
situation including a breakdown of the effects due to electricity 
consumption cutbacks as soon as we have completed our analysis.

Thank You.

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