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Press Release (Sep 09,2011)
A juvenile as of 1993 at work in radiation controlled area
We have confirmed a case that a person younger than 18 years old*1 as of 
September 1993 to whom an individual dosimetry monitoring was issued used 
to work at radiation controlled areas in our nuclear power station. 
We have also conformed that the person worked at radiation controlled 
areas in our nuclear power station from September 1993 to January 1994 
when the person was younger than 18 years old, but has never worked there 
since then. 
The case has become clear when the person was preparing to practice 
procedures to work again in radiation controlled areas. It is because the 
birth date of the person registered in the data base as of 1993 was 
different from that of the official certification form for proof of 
identity that the person currently submitted. 
We have been confirming proof of identity for workers in radiation 
controlled areas based on a more stringent rule*2 since 2008 and continue 
strictly confirming identity. 

*1 Younger than 18 years old
  Labor Standards Act stipulates that an employer must not have a juvenile 
  be engaged in dangerous or hazardous services from the viewpoint of 
  protecting a juvenile (younger than 18 years old). The act also defines 
  work in relation to radiation in radiation controlled areas as one of 
  dangerous or hazardous services.

*2 Established rule
  We will confirm identity by photo-bearing identifications such as a 
  driver's license, a passport, a Basic Resident Registration Card and an 
  alien registration card. If neither of them is available, we will 
  confirm identity by a combination of an original photocopy of residence 
  certificate and other official identifications.

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