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Press Release (Sep 12,2011)
Power Supply to Tohoku Electric Power Company
We have decided to supply power to Tohoku Electric Power Company that have 
sustained severe damages from the earthquake, in order to help balance the 
demand supply of the company. In response to the request from the company, 
we have been conducting power interchanges since August 4. 

We are continuously planning to supply 300MW from 6:00 hrs on September 12 
to 22:00 hrs on September 16 to Tohoku Electric Power Company. In response 
to the request for a power supply from the company yesterday, we have 
decided to extend another 300MW to Tohoku from 13:00 hrs to 19:30 hrs 
today, taking into account the demand and supply balance of our service 

Although we are to supply 600MW in total to Tohoku Electric Power Company, 
we assume we can maintain enough reserve capacity. Hence there will be no 
difficulty in securing stable electric power supply in our service area.

<Reference> Supply and demand outlook within TEPCO's service area (as of 
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