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Press Release (Sep 21,2011)
Permanent Indemnification for Nuclear Damages to Concerned Corporations and Sole Proprietors due to the Accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station
We sincerely apologize to residents residing near the power stations and 
the general public for the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety that has 
arisen on account of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power 
Station and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station (the "Accident").

We, in accordance with "the interim guidelines governing nuclear disaster 
compensation due to the accident at Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Power 
Stations" (the "Interim Guideline") decided per the Dispute Reconciliation 
Committee for Nuclear Damage Compensation on August 5 under the framework 
for Nuclear Damage Compensation including the Bill for Nuclear Damage 
Compensation Facilitation Corporation enacted on August 3, have been 
processing permanent indemnification for determined damages (announced on 
August 30), and now we have summarized and arranged the details of 
permanent indemnifications for damages to concerned corporations and sole 
proprietors as follows: 

1. Outline of this Permanent Indemnification
(1) Schedule
 We plan to begin sending and receiving application forms on September 27 
 and to start payment in October this year. 

(2) Treatment of provisional compensation
 As for the provisional compensation we have been paying to corporations 
 and sole proprietors, September 26 will be in principle the last day that 
 applications will be accepted. As for the receipt of applications after 
 September 27, we will pay by permanent compensation. 
 We will set off the amount of provisional compensation that we will have 
 paid at the time of payment of permanent compensation.

(3) Various application forms (please refer to "Appendix 1-1")
 We will prepare a common notice and 11 kinds of application forms in 
 order to correspond to the various types of claims of corporations and 
 sole proprietors. 

(4) Delivery of application forms and claim filing procedures (please 
    refer to "Appendix 1-2") 
   i. Provisional Payment Recipients
      We will send application forms in accordance with the category of 
      business and the claimed damage items. We would like the 
      corporations and sole proprietors to fill in the application form 
      and claim the damage amount.
  ii. Those who have submitted a notification form of the status of 
      In order to send application forms for permanent indemnification, 
      we will send a notice instructing them to contact "Fukushima 
      Nuclear Compensation Consultation Room (Call Center)".
 iii. For those who are filing a claim for the first time or have changed 
      or will change their postal address, we would appreciate it if you 
      could contact the "Fukushima Nuclear Compensation Consultation Room 
      (Call Center)" listed at the end of this announcement.

 *Start-to-finish procedures that begin with the submission of the 
  application and concludes with the determination of the amount for 
  indemnification, and terms for indemnification, have not changed since 
  the announcement made on August 30 (please refer to the "Appendix 1-3")

2. Principal stance concerning the calculation of the indemnification 
   amount (please refer to "Appendix 2")
(1) Losses due to the close of business (e.g. damages caused by the 
    evacuation order)
 (please refer to "Reference 1")
 -The amount of the sales revenue from the previous year minus the costs 
  (sales cost) that would have occurred if the business had not been 
  forced to close down due to the accident will be eligible for 
 -In addition to the above, the amount of the costs which have arisen in 
  spite of the close of business (such as labor costs or depreciation 
  costs, etc.) will also be eligible for indemnification.

(2) Decrease of profit (harmful rumors) (please refer to "Reference 2") 
 -The part of the information from the previous year multiplied by the 
  ratio of the decrease of sales caused by the accident will be eligible 
  for indemnification, as the decrease of profits is partial, different 
  from the close of business that causes the total loss of sales.
 -The calculation method of the amount of sales decrease will depend on 
  which category the business falls under. 

(3) Additional costs
 If additional costs have arisen (e.g. costs per withdrawal of products 
 or disposal) due to the accident, we will indemnify for the actual costs 
 within a reasonable range. 
 *Please be advised that we may check if a claim made does not include 
  any damages caused by other factors such as earthquakes or tsunamis, 
  which are not eligible for this indemnification.


<Contact address for indemnification for damages by nuclear accident>
 Fukushima Nuclear Compensation Consultation Room (Call Center)
 Telephone: 0120-926-404
 Time in:   from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
[Postal address]
 1-1-3 Uchisaiwai-cho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 105-8730
 (P.O. Box 78, Shiba Branch, Japan Post Service Company)
 To: The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated

Appendix1-1: Types of Application Forms, etc. (PDF 8.55KB)
Appendix1-2: Application Form Submission Procedures (PDF 15.5KB)
Appendix1-3: Target Period of Indemnification (PDF 10.8KB)
Appendix2:   Overview of the Indemnification Standards for the Major Categories
             of Damages in Corporations and Sole Proprietors (PDF 36.0KB)
Reference:   Example of Commercial Damage Evaluation (PDF 28.5KB)

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