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Press Release (Sep 28,2011)
Activity Suspension of "TEPCO Women's Football Club Mareeze" and Request to Japan Football Association regarding Transfer of Players
We deeply apologize to the people who live around Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear 
Power Station, people of the Fukushima Prefecture and all the people in 
Japan, for the great inconvenience and anxiety that the accident of the 
Power Station has caused. 

At the moment we are making every effort to achieve a full recovery from 
the accident, to fairly and promptly make the payment of the official 
financial compensation to the sufferers, and to recover the stable supply 
of electricity. At the same time, "TEPCO Women's Football Club Mareeze" 
has temporarily stopped its activities since the earthquake. 

Under such circumstances, we have considered the future activities of 
Mareeze. Japan Football Association proposed that we should transfer the 
Mareeze players to the other clubs to provide them an opportunity to 
demonstrate their abilities, taking their future into account.
The womens' football becoming in tremendous popularity after winning the 
victory in the World Cup and the qualification for the London Olympics, as 
a result of our careful consideration on the Mareeze players' future, we 
today concluded that we will "suspend" the activities of Mareeze, requested 
Japan Football Association cooperation to transfer the players to the other 
groups and proposed Japan Women's Football League that we will pass on 
Mareeze's activities in the next season. 

Hereafter Mareeze will continue under temporary "suspension". We have 
gained special agreements with Japan Football Association and Japan Women's 
Football League that Mareeze will be admitted to be TEPCO Women's Football 
Club again when Fukushima is reconstructed and Mareeze restarts its 

We will announce the further details such as the teams which the players 
will be transferred to when they are determined. 
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