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Press Release (Sep 28,2011)
(Comment)Activity Suspension of "TEPCO Women's Football Club Mareeze" and Request to Japan Football Association regarding Transfer of Players
                                                         September 28, 2011
                                               Tokyo Electric Power Company
                                                 President Toshio Nishizawa

The Japan Football Association has proposed that the presently inactive 
"TEPCO Women's Football Club Mareeze" be given opportunities to continue to 
display their skills on the soccer field. In consideration of the future of 
the players, a decision has been made to "suspend" the activities of 
Mareeze and request that the Japan Football Association cooperate in 
transferring the members to other clubs.

We deeply regret this decision and apologize to the players, the people of 
Fukushima Prefecture, and all those who have thus far supported Mareeze.
Given the explosion of popularity in women's football, we will make every 
effort to provide a suitable environment where Mareeze players will be able 
to continue to maximize their potential.

Although, Mareeze's activities will be under a temporary "suspension", we 
hope that it will soon be able to restart its activities upon the 
completion of Fukushima's reconstruction. 
We will focus our efforts to achieve a full recovery from the accident at 
Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station so that that day will come soon. 
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