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Press Release (Nov 25,2011)
Commencement of Operation of Torao Hydro Power Station
Today, TEPCO started an operation of "Torao Hydro Power Station" located
in Uenomura, Tanogun, Gunma Prefecture. 

The power station is the first waterway hydro power station using a water
bypass way for the reservoir of the existing pumped hydro power station.
The water is taken from the upstream of the dam of the pumped storage
hydro power station. 
Specifically, the water is taken from the river (Kannnagawa river (1st
Class River) in Tonegawa River system) located in the upstream of the
lower dam (Ueno Dam) of the pumped storage hydro power station (Kannagawa
Pumped Storage Hydro Power Station). The power station has an effective
head of about 101 m and maximum output 270 kW. The construction was
started from April 2011, and completed today. 

The expected annual generation of the power station is about 1.6 GWh
(equivalent to annual electricity consumption of about 440 standard
households). Besides, it is expected to contribute to CO2 emission
reduction of about 540 ton in a year (equivalent to annual CO2 emission of
about 110 standard households).  

TEPCO continuously makes efforts to stably supply electricity and utilizes
renewable energy including hydro power generation. 

Attachment: Overview of Torao Hydro Power Station (PDF 214KB)

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