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Press Release (Nov 29,2011)
Nuclide analysis result of radioactive materials in the seawater collected in offshore area of Ibaraki Prefecture (continued report 38)
On April 29, 2011, we started sampling surveys of the seawater at 5
points in the 3km offshore area of Ibaraki Prefecture. 

Since June 3, 2011, we have conducted sampling surveys of lower layer of
the seawater. 
                                                  (Previously announced)

We conducted a nuclide analysis of radioactive materials in the seawater
sampled on November 21, 22 and 23. As a result, no radioactive material
was detected as described in the appendix.

We reported the results to Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and the
government of Ibaraki Prefecture today.

We will continuously conduct the similar sampling.  

attachment: Nuclide Analysis Result of Seawater (PDF 13.0KB)

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