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Press Release (Dec 08,2011)
Regarding the smooth payment of compensation
We sincerely apologize to the people living in the surrounding area of 
power station and people of society for their concern and anxiety with 
regards to the accident in the Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power 

Currently we are making utmost efforts towards fair and prompt payment of 
compensation under the Nuclear Disaster Compensation Bill and Nuclear 
Compensation Scheme, however, as of December 7, the number of compensation 
settled are only approximately 5,500 (3,800 for individuals and 1,700 for 
corporations), while the number of request received (accumulated) are 
approximately 35,400 (24,900 for individuals and 10,600 for corporations).

With regards to the "Speedy payments of compensation" in the "5 promises" 
in the emergency special business plan, we have expressed prompt and fair 
payment of compensation in accordance with the guideline stated as below.

○ Complete the verification of the necessary documents within around three 
   weeks after the invoice and relevant application materials arrive.
○ Payment within one or two weeks after returning the Agreement Form for 
 * If in the case, additional explanations are required or intervals to 
   confirm insufficient forms are required to accomplish sufficient 
   compensation, we may require longer period than stated above. 

However, under current situation, due to the various difficulties such as 
inexperience with this type of paper works and additional explanations, 
there are many cases which require time to confirm necessary forms with the 
applicant who suffered from the damage, overall compensations are delayed 
and we are causing inconvenience.
Therefore, we will take additional measures as stated below in order to 
streamline the speedy payment of compensation.

1.Request from individuals
 As for the request from individuals, we will increase number of staffs and 
 through the revision of the flow of process of confirming application 
 documents, we will handle 1,000 applications a day and clear off all the 
 congested applications by the end of the year and streamline the process 
 To answer the request, for the initial indemnification (for March to 
 August), we will make payments for the agreed items in advance. 
 For the applicant who is continuing evacuation and whose temporary 
 indemnification amount exceeds payment of initial permanent 
 indemnification, we will confirm if there is any unrequested 
 indemnification and will consult the settlement methodology upon request. 

2.Request from corporations and sole business proprietors
 As for the request from corporations and business owners, we will increase 
 the staffs and through the revision of process of confirming application 
 documents, we will clear off the congested applications (approx. 5,000 
 applications) and try to send out the agreement form by the end of the 
 To answer the request, for the initial indemnification (for March to 
 August), we will make payments for the agreed items in advance. 
 As for the corporations and sole proprietors who have already received 
 payment of initial permanent indemnification for lost earnings but are 
 still in financial distress, we will make estimated payments for the 
 second permanent indemnification (for September to November) upon request. 
 Settlement for this estimated payment will be carried out with the 
 permanent indemnification payment (Previously announced on November 24).

* Evacuation area : Evacuation area, Previous sheltering indoors area, 
  Planned evacuation area, Emergency evacuation preparation area, Specified 
  evacuation recommended area, temporary evacuation requested by local 
  council for the people living in the area

<Regarding the compensation for the damage caused by the accident of 
 Nuclear Power Station>
Fukushima Nuclear Compensation Office (Call center)
Phone number : 0120-926-404
Office hours : 9:00am - 9:00pm
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