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Press Release (Dec 27,2011)
Application for Modification of the Amount of Financial Support
Today, we, Tokyo Electric Power Company, applied to the Nuclear Damage 
Compensation Facilitation Corporation (hereafter, the "Corporation") for 
modification of the amount of financial support under Article 43.1 of the 
Act to Establish Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Corporation.

We applied to the Corporation for financial support, and at the same time, 
applied to the competent ministers for accreditation of the Special 
Business Plan on October 28, 2011. On November 4, we received 
accreditation notice of the plan and decision on the financial support.

We revised the estimate of compensation in accordance with the decision on 
the "Supplement of the Interim Guidelines on Criteria for Determining 
Nuclear Damage Indemnification Coverage (Losses due to Voluntary 
Evacuation)" and the compilation of "Basic Policy on Revision of No-go 
Zone and Evacuation Area and Future Issues in response to the Completion 
of Step 2". As a result, the estimate increased from 1,010,908 million 
yen, which was calculated when we developed the Special Business Plan, to 
1,700,322 million yen. Therefore, we applied for the above modification of 
the amount of financial support.
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