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Press Release (Apr 25,2012)
The status of the examination to the compensation with the review of the evacuation area

We sincerely apologize to those residents residing near the power stations and the general public for the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety that has arisen on account of the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station (the "Accident").

We have been processing rapid and fairness payment of indemnification for damages caused by the Accident to concerned persons with the framework of nuclear energy compensation for damages system including the nuclear energy compensation for damages support mechanism method.

On March 16, the examination board of nuclear damage compensation decided "the second addendum of interim guidelines for the judgment in the range of the nuclear damage caused by TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi and Daini nuclear power plant accident" (the "second addendum"). We are considering the compensation to affect the loss and a decrease in property value to affect personal real estate based on the following ways of thinking discussion with the government and the concerned organization in the facilitation meeting of nuclear damage compensation etc.

We will try our best for the compensation sequentially. In the same time, the government and the concerned local government review the evacuation area and the actions of local revival and life rebuilding were started in earnest, we will push forward adjustment carefully with them and carry out our duty in the aspect of the compensation in the whole action for the revival in future.

1.Compensation for the real estate (Residence)
(1)Basic stance
・ We will perform the compensation along the characteristic after the review of evacuation area*.
・ We will perform compensation based on the required periods until the cancellation of the evacuation area.

(2)The way of thinking to the compensation in each area
a.AREA3 (Areas where it is expected that residents will face difficulties in
returning for a long time)
We assume it total loss handling with land, the building (including the outward appearance), and please let us compensate it for all value before our accident for the one owning the property.
b.AREA 2(Areas in which residents are not permitted to live),
AREA1 (Areas to which evacuation orders are ready to be lifted)

We set a standard based on periods required for until the cancellation of the evacuation directive. For the property owner, please let us compensate it as follows. In addition, please let us add it to the indemnification as the real evacuation period if the required cancellation time will be prolonged.

◆ Land
・ Please let us compensate a constant ratio to the value before our accident.

◆ Building (including the outward appearance)
・ As compensation for that owner cannot manage the building and value decreasing by aging, please let us compensate it for the value considering the time to cancellation of the evacuation.
・ After the evacuation directive cancellation of AREA2 and AREA1, in view of the restoration of the building being necessary, please let us pay expenses such as the restoration that calculated depending on the scale of the building before returning.

(Note) For the value before our accident, we are considering to revise and calculate the property based on the assessed value of fixed assets appropriately.

2.Compensation for household effects
(1) Basic stance
・ From the viewpoint of accelerate procedures for the compensation procedure, as a general rule, we compensate it for a fixed amount depending on family constitution.

(2) Calculation method of the amount of compensation
・ We compensate it for a fixed amount depending on family constitution, but about AREA3, we calculate the amount of compensation based on being the area where an entrance is confined to for a long term in future.
・ When the gloss amount of damage by our accident exceeds the fixed amount mentioned above, we will prepare for the system to request the amount of damage which was piled up individually

3.Others, Compensation for the damage item
・ About the way of the compensation of former emergency refuge preparations area, based on the actual situation enough, we examine the required as soon as possible.
・ For second addendum, about other damage items (Refuge expense, The mental damage, The business damage, and The damage of incapacity, etc) shown in the guide, we push forward examination sequentially for the planning of a concrete compensation standard.

4.Future schedule
・ Based on the way of thinking mentioned above, we are planning the concrete compensation standard, and adjusting with the country and local government concerned.
・ About the restoration expense at AREA2 and AREA1, we are adjusting with the country and local government concerned for the starting of reception in May. We inform the concrete schedule later.
・ About the loss and the decrease of property value for the company and one-man business(including to agricultural, forestry and fisheries workers), we push forward examination for showing a standard immediately in parallel.
・ With the planning of a concrete compensation standard, we push forward the maintenance of the concrete system for securing the adequate number of personnel by employee and relocation of them.

* Evacuation order area:
"(1) Evacuation area" and "(3) Deliberate evacuation area" included in"No.3 About the damage of instructions of the evacuation by the government" of "The interim guidelines governing nuclear disaster compensation coverage due to the accidents at Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power Stations"

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