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Press Release (May 09,2012)
Approval of Changes Made to the Special Business Plan

We, TEPCO, announce that the changes made to the Special Business Plan (previously approved on February 13, 2012) have been approved by the ministers in charge (the office in charge of the Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Corporation in the Cabinet Office and the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) on May 9, 2012. The changes to the Special Business Plan were made in cooperation with the Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Corporation according to Paragraph 1, article 46 of the Act to Establish Nuclear Damage Compensation Facilitation Corporation, and the change proposal was submitted on April 27, 2012.

Implementation of this approved Special Business Plan will begin immediately in consideration of those afflicted by the nuclear damage. We will pay out "compensation with empathy and consideration," while continuing to work towards decommissioning of nuclear power stations, stable electricity supply and the drastic streamlining of present management.

Attachment1: Special Business Plan (PDF 2.07MB)
Attachment2: Reference documents regarding Special Business Plan (PDF 53.3MB)
Attachment3: Comprehensive Special Business Plan(Outline) (1) (PDF 45.9KB)
Attachment4: Comprehensive Special Business Plan(Outline) (2) (PDF 340KB)

* Attachments 1 to 2 titled "Special Business Plan ", "Reference documents regarding Special Business Plan" are only available in Japanese. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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