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Press Release (May 18,2012)
Power Supply and Demand Outlook for the Summer of 2012

We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in saving electricity after the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake on March 11, 2011. We would like to announce the power supply and demand outlook for the summer of 2012.

With the new power supply installations currently being proceeded, the electricity supply is estimated to be 57.86 GW in July and 57.71 GW in August. The electricity demand is estimated to be 53.6 GW (assuming regular summer temperature) to 55.2 GW (assuming an extremely hot summer as in 2010), taking into account the effectiveness of electricity saving, for which we are asking our customers since last year.

Based on this estimate, reserved electricity of 2.5 GW (4.5 % of all electricity supply) will be secured even in an extremely hot summer, which will ensure stable electricity supply. We appreciate your continuing support in saving electricity within reasonable levels . Please refer to the attachment for detailed electricity supply/demand estimate.

We will continue our utmost efforts in achieving stable electricity supply through safe operation and maintenance of electric power facilities as well as undertaking tasks such as expanding supply-demand adjustment contracts.

Attachment: Detailed Electricity Demand and Supply in the Summer of 2012 (PDF 17.2KB)
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