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Press Release (Aug 13,2012)
Compensation for Mental Damages in the Former Emergency Evacuation Preparation Zone, etc.

We deeply apologize to the people of Fukushima and broader society for the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety caused by the accident at Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Nuclear Power Stations (hereinafter referred to as "the accident").

We are in the process of providing swift and accurate compensation payouts to those afflicted by nuclear damage under the framework of the nuclear damage compensation system including the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund Law. We announce that the "compensation for mental damages for those who returned home early" which was mentioned in the "Compensation Provided According to the Redefined Evacuation Zone (Former Emergency Evacuation Preparation Zone, etc.)" (Issued on July 24, 2012) will be provided as follows.

1. Eligible individuals
Those who had their main residence either in the former emergency evacuation preparation zone, the former sheltering indoors zone or the specified part of Minami-Soma City*1 at the time of the accident, evacuated due to the accident occurred and returned home during the period specified below, or remained in the area (never evacuated) and therefore have not received compensation for "mental damages due to evacuation, etc." for the period specified below.

2. Damages subject to compensation
The following damages will be compensated.
- Mental damages due to evacuation
- Increase in living expenses due to evacuation

3. Compensation amount
According to the period (within the period specified above) for which the compensation for "mental damages due to evacuation" has not been received, 100,000 yen/person will be paid per month to compensate for the damages specified in section 2 above. In the case that there is an unpaid provisional compensation payment, the amount will be deducted from the compensation to be paid this time.

4. Dispatch and acceptance of application forms
For individuals who have agreed with this compensation, upon reviewing the compensation payment record, the applications (with the compensation amount to be paid this time printed on them) will be sent out today. The acceptance of the application forms will start on August 17, 2012. For those who received provisional compensation and have not agreed with this compensation, a notification of the revision to the compensation for "mental damages due to evacuation" will be sent out.

*1 Specified part of Minami-Soma City: Area defined as the "area where the local government requested the residents for temporary evacuation" based on the "Interim Guidelines for the Scope of Nuclear Damages due to the Accident at Fukushima Daiichi and Daini Power Stations".
*2 The "mental damages due to evacuation" for the period starting from March 1, 2012 will be covered by this compensation. (Previously announced on June 21 and July 24, 2012)

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