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Press Release (Nov 29,2012)
Establishment of the "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters"

We deeply apologize to the people of Fukushima and broader society for the tremendous inconvenience and anxiety caused by the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

At our board meeting today, it has been determined that the "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters" will be established effective on January 1, 2013.

The "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters" will integrate the operations related to revitalization at all the offices in Fukushima for swift decision making and implementation of compensation, decontamination and revitalization proceeding while responding to local needs.

The "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters" will be located in "J-Village" in Futaba Gun, Fukushima Prefecture, where a large number of nuclear victims still evacuate.

Under the "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters", the "Fukushima Division" comprised of 5 organizations (Planning and General Affairs Department, Fukushima Nuclear Compensation Office, Decontamination Promotion Office, Revitalization Promotion Office and Fukushima Corporate Communications Department). In addition, branch offices will be established at 5 locations in the prefecture (Fukushima City, Iwaki City, Koriyama City, Aizuwakamatsu City and Minamisoma City) for the purpose of enhancing community-based operations.
In order to accommodate this plan, about 500 personnel will be allocated mainly for decontamination and reconstruction promotion operations (by the end of 2013). The entire "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters" will be comprised of 4,000 or more personnel in collaboration with the nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power stations in the prefecture.

The "Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters Meeting" comprised of the chairman, president, Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters representative, concerned board members and branch office managers in Fukushima Prefecture will be established for the purpose of discussing and announcing important matters related to Fukushima’s revitalization (compensation, decontamination, etc.). Every effort will be made to drastically enhance community-based management and communication through sharing the progress status of revitalization measure implementation with the people in Fukushima and receiving opinions and advices from the concerned parties.

Motivated by the suffering of the people of Fukushima, we are determined to fulfill all our responsibilities and further advance the implementation of revitalization measures while continuing compensation with courtesy and compassion.


Reference: Overview of the “Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters”(PDF 15.7KB)
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