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Press Release (May 15, 2013)Establishment of the Nuclear Safety Oversight Office

Today, the "Nuclear Safety Oversight Office", an internal regulatory organization, has been established directly under the board of directors. Dr. John Crofts (former Director in charge of security assurance of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, Special Aide to the Board of Directors) will be appointed as the Head of the "Nuclear Safety Oversight Office" once work permit procedures are completed. Until then, Naohiro Masuda, the Vice Head will serve as the Head.

The "Nuclear Safety Oversight Office" was established for the purpose of enhancing the risk controls of the board of directors regarding nuclear safety, which is one of the monitoring/support enhancement measures for management stated in the "Reassessment of Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Nuclear Safety Reform Plan" (announced on March 29, 2013).
Specifically, the latest findings regarding domestic and overseas nuclear safety will be gathered and analyzed while our nuclear power business operation is evaluated by an independent third party organization. The evaluation results will be reported to the board of directors.
The "Nuclear Safety Oversight Office" will also monitor the status of safety awareness, operational processes, fostering a safety culture, etc. and provide suggestions to our President and the nuclear power division.

Strongly motivated by the lessons learned from the Fukushima nuclear accident, we will continue our efforts to enhance safety awareness towards achieving the highest level of nuclear safety as we advance nuclear safety reforms.

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