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Press Release (Jul 10, 2013)Follow-up Notification on the passing of Masao Yoshida

We would like to announce that the funeral and memorial service of Masao Yoshida (58), TEPCO Executive Officer (former Plant Chief of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station), will be attended by his close relatives only, in accordance with the explicit wishes of his family.

We plan to conduct his "Final Farewell Service" later, and will make a separate announcement about this once details are confirmed.

[Request to members of the media]
* We have been contacted by the family and informed that they have suffered distress due to the intrusion of certain over-zealous members of the media. They request that the media does not contact them directly.
We deeply understand the feelings of the family, and would call upon all members of the media to respect their wishes fully and refrain from contacting them directly.

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