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Press Release (Jun 30, 2015)Introducing a New Service Using Smart Meter -Starting from July, Visualization Service for every 30 minutes of data for amount of electricity used-

Tokyo Electric Power Company (hereafter, TEPCO) began a part of the Smart Meter System*1 service in the Tama branch service area*2 this February.
From July, a new Visualization tool that shows the amount of electricity used and simplifying*3 changing contract amperage services will be provided in turn*4 for customers in all service areas*5 who have Smart Meter installed.

TEPCO's entire service area has approximately 2.2 million Smart Meters installed (as of June 20, 2015). We aim to speed up installations so that all customers can use Smart Meter services sooner and have all installations for customers completed by 2020 (approx. 27 million) of which approx. 10 million are to be installed by 2016.


Available Services
- Improved convenience for customers
When moving, the Smart Meter's electricity amount (meter-reader value) can be accessed remotely, thereby reducing the burden on customers to attend the meter reading.
- Speedier Power Recovery
During a power outage, by confirming remotely the state of the current, power recovery time is shortened.
New Services from July 2015
- Visualization of Amount of Electricity Used
A full day's (0:00 to 24:00) data of electricity used is measured every 30 minutes by Smart Meter and can be seen the following evening*6 on the free members website (Electricity Household Account)*7 which can help customers conserve energy.
In addition, by installing a HEMS device*8 in a customer's home, the amount of electricity used that is measured every 30 minutes and the real-time current value etc. can also be monitored.
- Changing Contract Amperes Simplified
When changing the contract ampere, by setting the Smart Meter's ampere remotely, it is not necessary to attend during the brief power outage when TEPCO changes the breaker, and the burden is reduced for the customer.

As well, in conjunction with the start of service to all of TEPCO's service areas, a Smart Meter Operations Center for security, operations, and maintenance was established internally on July 1st for effective management and centralized control.

By building a reliable and highly expandable Smart Meter infrastructure, setting varied rates that reflect customer usage patterns and offering detailed, energy-saving advice, TEPCO reduces customer's electricity bill and continues to provide useful services for day-to-day living while striving for effective business operations.

*1 'Communications System for Smart Meter' development is progressing with the following companies:
 'Smart Meter Communication System' - Toshiba Corporation
 'Smart Meter Operation Management System' - NTT DATA Corporation
*2 Tokyo's 23 wards and minor islands excluded. However, includes a part of Kita Tsurugun in Yamanashi Prefecture.
*3 For customers with a contract of 5 - 60 amperes. Depending on progress of the work, a change of contract amperes may also incur changing breakers.
*4 Services for customers outside of Tokyo, who are in the system, start the day after July's meter reading. Moreover, the service where the amount of electricity used is visualized in 'Electricity Household Account', while not dependent on the area, will be provided from July 2nd (for Smart Meters that were installed from June 2015 onwards, service will be provided from the following evening after the first meter reading of the newly installed Smart Meter.)
*5 Tochigi, Gunma, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Yamanashi, Shizuoka east of Fujikawa (excluding minor islands)
*6 Data from weekends and holidays are updated in the evening, 2 business days later
*7 'Electricity Household Account' is a free members service that can be used to check the amount of electricity used and the billing amount every month, as well as energy saving advice and a rate plan tailored to the customer's lifestyle.
*8 HEMS (Home Energy Management System) device - customer needs to prepare a HEMS device that can be connected to Smart Meter to use the electricity meter information service

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