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Press Release (Aug 02, 2016)Implementation of “Electricity Master Plan Development Project” in Sri Lanka

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated
TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated
Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated, TEPCO Power Grid, Incorporated and Tokyo Electric Power Services Co., Ltd. entered into a contract with Japan International Cooperation Agency (hereinafter called JICA) for “Electricity Master Plan (Long-term Basic Plan) Development Project in Sri Lanka (to be implemented from July 2016 through July 2017)” and began consulting today.

With recent economic developments, Sri Lanka has been experiencing a 4% annual increase in electricity consumption. This requires resolving of urgent issues such as diversification of power sources, securing additional power sources (such as pumped storage hydroelectric power plant) for peak loads, or improving reliability of the electric power supply through reducing transmission and distribution loss rates.

In view of such a situation, the Sri Lanka government made a request to the Japanese government for cooperation in developing an electricity master plan for the next term. This project was outsourced to the three companies mentioned above by JICA.
Specifically, the three companies will survey Sri Lanka’s socioeconomic background, energy consumption level and demand trends, and will cooperate to develop an “Electricity Master Plan” effective through 2040 using their advanced technologies from their experience and knowledge. Additionally, they will consider introducing renewable energy and also grid stabilization facilities such as batteries.

TEPCO Group will continue to provide overseas consulting including technical assistance in the electricity sector by utilizing its managerial resources such as their technology, know-how and human resources acquired in the electricity business to contribute to the development of other countries. It will also actively expand its overseas operations for the purpose of growth and development of the group as a whole.


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