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Fukushima Daiichi NPS Prompt Report 2017


Commitment to people of Fukushima remains inspiration for cleanup efforts

TOKYO, March 11 - TEPCO, its employees and contractors joined the rest of Japan in marking the sixth anniversary of the Great Japan Earthquake, and resulting tsunami. They also commemorated the accident at TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, caused when the tsunami caused the facility to lose power.

“We remember the many people who lost their lives and family members as the result of the earthquake and tsunami,” said TEPCO Holdings President Naomi Hirose. “And we also remember those whose lives were disrupted by the accident at Fukushima Daiichi. They are a constant inspiration to our work to do everything we can to safely decommission the site and help revitalize the Fukushima region.”

President Hirose also noted the “tireless” contributions of the thousands of TEPCO workers, and workers from other companies and countries, who have been making important progress toward that decommissioning.

“During these six years,” President Hirose said, “we have progressed from emergency stabilization of the site to progress in long-term decommissioning.” As examples, he noted the reduction of radiation at the site, improvement in working conditions, advances in water treatment and management, and the recent information obtained from the inside of the Unit 2 reactor.
 “These advances were made possible by the hard work and dedication of thousands of people, whether at the site, or developing robot technology, or in laboratories, or elsewhere,” he said.

“This progress represents the first steps of a long journey,” President Hirose said. “Our commitment to the people of Fukushima will continue to inspire every step we take along that path until the work is complete.”

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