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Press Release (Apr 28, 2017)FY 2016 Financial Results

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Incorporated finalized its consolidated FY2016   (April 1, 2016 through March 31, 2017) Financial Results today.

On the revenue side, electricity sales revenue decreased 15.5% from the previous fiscal year to 4,426.2 billion yen due to a decrease in the unit price of electricity resulting from the effects of fuel cost adjustments, etc.
Operating revenue including power sold to other utilities and suppliers (inter-regional electricity sales and electricity sales to other companies) etc. decreased 11.7% from the previous fiscal year to 5,357.7 billion yen. Ordinary revenue decreased 11.7% from the previous fiscal year to 5,420.0 billion yen.

As for expenditures, in spite of the suspension of all nuclear power stations, ordinary expenses decreased 10.7% from the previous fiscal year to 5,192.4 billion yen, resulting from substantially decreased fuel costs due to the fall of fuel prices and stronger yen rates as well as from the continued extensive cost reduction efforts by all of the group companies.

As a result, ordinary income decreased 30.2% from the previous fiscal year to 227.6 billion yen.

Net income attributable to owners of parent amounted to 132.8 billion yen, with extraordinary income being 330.6 billion yen after accounting for 294.2 billion yen as grants-in-aid from Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation and 36.4 billion yen as gain on change in equity, while 411.3 billion yen was recorded under extraordinary loss, after accounting for 392.0 billion yen as expenses for nuclear damage compensation together with 19.3 billion yen as extraordinary loss on disaster.

FY 2016 Financial Results

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