Summer Electricity Conservation: The Efficient Use of Electric Appliances

During the summer, since electricity consumption peaks during the daytime, we would appreciate your cooperation in conserving electricity by setting the temperature of air conditioners higher as well as tuning off lighting when not using.
We'd also like to ask you to reduce standby electricity consumption when not staying at home.
We kindly ask for your continued cooperation in the reduction of electricity usage.


Air conditioners

Air conditioners account for the biggest energy consumption during the peak hours in summer.
Please set the temperature higher and refrain from using especially during 9 am to 8 pm on weekdays as much as possible.

Try to keep the temperature set at 28°C

Please use higher temperature settings

Reduction of approximately 10% in case you set the temperature higher by 2°C
Use rattan/bamboo blinds to absorb sunlight effectively

Please use these blinds to reduce sunlight intensity.

Reduction of approximately 10%
Use electric fans instead of air conditioners

Use electric fans instead of air conditioners as much as possible

Reduction of approximately 50%
Clean the Filter Frequently

Please check the filters before using air conditioners and clean them constantly (about once in two weeks).

Please exercise balance when implementing energy reduction measures so as to avoid adverse health effects such as heat strokes.
*Please be careful about dehumidifying mode or frequent switching on and off because they cause increase of energy consumption
*Tips to achieve a cooler summer, such as water sprinkling and planting measures are introduced here.

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Refrigerators account for the second biggest energy consumption in home (second to air conditioners)
Please check the preset temperature again or use them in a more effective manner.

Check the temperature again

We ask that you readjust the temperature controls from “strong” to “medium”.

No Overloading

We ask that you please refrain from overloading your refrigerator.

Wise Refrigerator Usage

We ask that you please organize refrigerator usage so as to reduce the frequency at which items are retrieved from it.

Practicing the 3 points Reduction of approximately 2%

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Light / other electrical appliances

As to lights or other electrical appliances, you can surely save electricity if you use them in a more effective way.

Turn off lights frequently

Turn off during the daytime. Also turn off as much as possible during night hours.

Reduction of approximately 5%
Reducing standby electricity is another key to saving electricity

Turn off at main unit instead of using remote controller.
Unplug if the appliance will not be used for an extended period of time.
* The sudden unplugging of televisions etcetra may result in certain inconveniences such as the time settings defaulting to reset mode or being unable to download the programming schedule display.

Reduction of approximately 2%
Fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs effective against wasting electricity

Fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs can be fixed into the same type of sockets of the incandescent lamps

On the assumption that you use incandescent lamps now, keeping the same luminance,

  • -if you replace the incandescent lamps with fluorescent bulbs, you can decrease the consumption down to about one fifth of the original amount.
  • -if you replace the incandescent lamps with LED bulbs, you can decrease the consumption down to about one seventh of the original amount.

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Reduction estimates have been provided by the Agency for Natural Resource and Energy
(average electricity consumption of households in daytime [2:00pm : 1,200W] for reference. Decimal points have been rounded off)

Reduction rate and reduced electricity amount of each electricity conservation measure are available
Please click "electricity conservation check list" below.

Electricity Conservation Check List

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