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The private water turbine and generator at Kanaya Hotel


This is a private power generator actually used at the Nikko Kanaya Hotel in Tochigi Prefecture.    This hotel generated its own electricity to light an electric lamp more than 100 years ago.

Really? I am surprised that the hotel had such a generator.  
  This is a hydraulic turbine generator producing electricity by waterpower, by the way.
I get it! The left part is a waterwheel.  
Kanaya Hotel in Nikko, which was opened in the early Meiji era, was one of few Western-style resort hotels in Japan. In 1908, the hotel introduced a private water turbine and generator and, with electricity generated by this facility, started electric lighting. This facility was made by Siemens of Germany and was in operation until around 1950, supplying the hotel with electricity for over 40 years.This is a type of power generator directly connecting the waterwheel axis with the power generator using the Francis Turbine. It generated 50kW three-phase AC. The marble distribution board is also historically valuable.
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