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Approaches to secure electric power supply capacity

As of August 22, 2012

Impact by the earthquake and tsunami to the power stations

On March 11, 2011, power supply facilities mainly in the coast of Taiheiyou ocean were severely damaged by the Tohoku-Chiho-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake and tsunami.

■Status of severely damaged power stations
(immediately after the earthquake)

Status shortly
after the earthquake
Nuclear Power Fukusima Daiichi 4,700 All units shut down
Fukusima Daini 4,400 All units shut down
Thermal Power Hirono 3,800

Unit 1,3 and 5: planned outage at time of the earthquake

Unit 2 and 4: shut down due to the earthquake

Hitachinaka 1,000

Unit 1: shut down due to the earthquake

Kashima 4,400

Unit 1 and 4: planned outage at the time of the earthquake

Unit 2,3,5 and 6: shut down due to the earthquake

※Supply capacity “before the
earthquake” means the capacity
at the time of the earthquake occurred .

Approach Status of Thermal Power Station

Although we are facing a limited power supply situation due to the earthquake, we are making every effort to meet the energy demands of all of our customers, not falling short by even 1kW or 1kWh.

  • Approach 1: Restoration of devastated thermal power station
  • Approach 2: Re-start of aged power stations after a long-term suspension
  • Approach 3: Emergency installation of new power supply facilities

Information concerning the power supply and demand outlook

Due to the tremendous support from both domestic and overseas manufacturers, construction companies, partner companies and electric power companies as well as the understanding of the government, the municipality and local citizens, our efforts to secure a stable supply capacity have been successful.

We are providing information on the supply and demand outlook, daily electric power usage and supply capacity etc. through press releases, our website, and through our Twitter account “Official TEPCO” etc.

Around-the-clock efforts will continue to ensure a stable supply of electricity for all customers.

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