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The No.1 Turbine Generator Used at the Chiba Thermal Power Station


Wow!! It’s huge! When we step closer, we realize how big it is.


This is the largest exhibit in the Electric Power Historical Museum.

Is that right? It is really huge but how big it is?  
  It is 23 meters long. This was the most-advanced turbine generator in the world and was the largest in Japan when the operation was started in 1957.
So this big turbine rotated to generate electricity.  
Yes. By using the power of steam, it rotated 3000 revolutions per 1 minute to generate electricity.
This large-capacity, No. 1 turbine generator was imported from General Electric Corporation of the United States in order to meet the ever-increasing electricity demand during Japan's postwar rehabilitation period and regain industrial technology, as Japan lagged far behind other nations because of the war. The turbine generator was the world's most advanced technology at that time, featuring enhanced efficiency through high-temperature and high-pressure steam conditions and a reheating system; a large-capacity unit providing merits of scale; and a central automatic control system.
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