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Electric Power Historical Museum
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Electric Power Historical Museum
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Electric Power Historical Museum


Tokyo Electric Power Company has opened Electric Power Historical Museum to make public the historical items we have collected concerning electric engineering, electric service facilities, and electric power supply services. The Museum has been designed to enable visitors to trace the 120-year history of the Japanese electric power industry, which has always focused on securing a stable supply of electric power for Japan as well as caring for the environment. The Museum holds a large collection of actual historical objects to help visitors appreciate the importance of manufacturing, as well as the roles of the electrical machinery and appliance industries in producing essential components such as generators and transformers.

Location 4-1, Egasaki, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, 230-8510 JAPAN (Next to the TEPCO Engineering Research & Development Center)
Opening date Saturday, December 15, 2001
Exhibition site area Approximately 4,000 square meters
Exhibits An Edison direct-current generator
The vertical Francis water turbine and generator used at the Shinanogawa Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company
The No. 1 turbine generator used at the Chiba Thermal Power Station of Tokyo Electric Power Company
Banzai Iron Tower
An ornamental lamp from the stone bridge at the front gate of the Imperial Palace
An Electric Car
 Roughly 700 actual historical objects are exhibited.
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