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Ukishima Solar Power Plant

Ohgishima Solar Power Plant

Komekurayama Solar Power Plant

* The temperature and the insolation intensity provided in the contents are used to check the installation environment of the solar panel and the electric power generation status, and are not representative of the region.

Solar Power Plant Facility Overview

Facility name Ukishima Solar Power Plant Ohgishima Solar Power Plant Komekurayama Solar Power Plant
Location Ukishima Town, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Ohgishima, Kawasaki Ward, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture Shimomukoyama Town, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Max output 7,000kW 13,000kW 10,000kW
Estimated annual power production Approx. 7,400 MWh Approx. 13,700 MWh Approx. 12,000 MWh
Estimated CO2 emission reduction Approx. 3,100 t Approx. 5,800 t Approx. 5,100 t
Site area Approx. 11 ha (owned by Kawasaki City) Approx. 23 ha (owned by TEPCO) Approx. 12.5 ha (owned by Yamanashi Prefecture)
Number of photovoltaic panels Approx. 38,000 Approx. 64,000 Approx. 80,000
Commencement of operation August 10, 2011 December 19, 2011 January 27, 2012

Overview of Ukishima and Ohgishima Solar Power Plants

Ukishima Solar Power Plant and Ohgishima Solar Power Plant are both large solar power plants built in a waterfront district in Kawasaki in a joint project by Kawasaki City and TEPCO.
Kawasaki City is responsible for raising public awareness of solar power generation and providing the site (Ukishima), and TEPCO for constructing, operating and maintaining the power plants.
An example of innovative ideas adopted at both plants is the installation angle of the photovoltaic panels, which is set to 10 degrees as opposed to the standard optimal angle of around 30 degrees. This is a result of examination of the power generation amount and the wind load applied at different angles.
Other efforts toward improvement include the adoption of organic soil amendment technique to control weeds and dust and the use of salt corrosion-resistant materials in consideration of the location close to the sea.
Adjacent to Ukishima Solar Power Plant is "Kawasaki Eco Gurashi Miraikan," a public relations facility operated by Kawasaki City. If you are interested, we recommend you to visit the place, where you can learn about solar power generation and other eco-friendly technologies through exhibits and enjoy a sweeping view of Ukishima Solar Power Plant from the observation space.

Komekurayama Solar Power Plant

Komekurayama Solar Power Plant is our first inland-type large solar power plant. It is located at Mt. Komekura, a hilly region in the southern part of Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture.
It is a joint project between Yamanashi Prefecture and TEPCO; Yamanashi Prefecture conducts public awareness activities of solar power generation and provides the site, while TEPCO is constructing, operating and maintaining the power plant.
Komekurayama Solar Power Plant, TEPCO's third large solar power plant, is unlike the preceding two (Ukishima and Ohgishima) in geographic situation. Since it is located in a hilly terrain, as opposed to coastal reclaimed land where the first two is built, its design has been adapted to the characteristics of the construction site and incorporates findings from the earlier projects to the greatest extent possible.
For example, considering that securing a wide, flat area is difficult in a hilly region, Komekurayama Solar Power Plant is built in 12 separate lots. With each lot varying in size and shape, we realized that a uniform design would lead to the wasteful use of land, creating many spaces where no photovoltaic cells can be installed.
We also knew that if the design would be different from one lot to another, wasteful land use would be minimized but complexity in design and construction work could increase construction costs. We have solved these problems by dividing the stand design into several basic modules and combining them to best suit each lot. This has led to the successful achievement of both streamlined design and efficient land use.
Adjacent to Komekurayama Solar Power Plant is a public relations facility operated by Yamanashi Prefecture, called "Yume Solar-kan Yamanashi." It provides exhibits to help visitors learn about power generation methods, including solar power generation, and an observation deck commanding a panoramic view of Komekurayama Solar Power Plant.

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