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(March 31,2010 Update)

Transmission Lines

Transmission lines deliver electricity from far-away power plants to the vicinity of customers. These facilities must carry large amounts of electric power stably and efficiently.

Transmission Lines Explained

Transmission lines for efficiently transporting electricity at high voltages

Transmission lines provide the links between power plants and substations or between different substations. They have the important role of efficiently carrying large amounts of electricity at high voltages.

Most of our current transmission lines have capacities between 66,000 and 500,000 volts. Of these, ultra-high-voltage facilities of 275,000 volts or 500,000 volts are used for large-capacity long-haul transmission from power plants. As the electricity is brought closer to consumers, the voltage is lowered to 154,000 and 66,000 volts. At distribution substations it is dropped further to 6,600 volts.

Wires and Cables

Types of Electric Cables

Transmission Tower Heights


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