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Corporate Information

Key Facts

Electricity Sales
257.0 TWh
Number of Contracts
29.23 million
Number of Power Stations
Revenue from Electricity Sales
6007.8 billion yen

as of the end of March 2015

Corporate Overview

Electricity is the essential energy to support economic and cultural activities. TEPCO will play an important role in our society by generating and supplying power. TEPCO will also positively utilize accumulated technology and experience, fostering environmental improvements.

Investor Relations

We provide the latest management information for shareholders and investors.

We provide the latest information about our Environmental and Social initiatives and our Corporate Governance.

International Activities

Expanding Throughout the World

TEPCO has been utilizing its advanced technological expertise and managerial resources to vigorously expand its interests throughout the world, with the aim of further expanding and developing the Company by creating new overseas business opportunities. TEPCO also promotes international exchanges, and carries out research on international energy policies and electricity markets through its offices in Washington, D.C. and in London.


Aiming to Further Reduce Costs

Under changing social conditions, such as the liberalization of electric power in the retail market introduced in March 2000 and moves for environmental preservation, to remain the preferred choice of customers, reducing procurement costs is one of top-management's priorities in the efficient construction and operation of power facilities. TEPCO is determined to transcend national borders to expand procurement opportunities to domestic and overseas manufacturers alike. TEPCO intends to procure more economical and high-quality materials and services and to build up good trade

Overseas Consultancy Services

Exploration of New Business Opportunity

To meet the growing public concern for the enhancement of reliability in supplying electricity and global environmental considerations, there is an increasing requirement for high-quality power sector infrastructure in the field of generation, transmission, and distribution. In line with such global interests, TEPCO has participated in consulting services of electric overseas, utilizing our expertise and know-how accumulated from our experience in Japan. TEPCO can propose Improvement of power supply reliability, Assistance for power sector development and Solution for the global environmental problems etc. in accordance with your requirement.


Supporting a Social Infrastructure

TEPCO is supporting a research and development (R&D) program aimed at providing guaranteed safety. The highest priority has been placed on assuring safety, sustainable development and environmental protection, so the public can rest assured that we are worthy of their trust. Furthermore, the company's R&D will increase efficiency while enhancing the services essential to prosperity, as the liberalization of electricity markets progresses.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

To tackle the most difficult challenges our society face, TEPCO has been and will continue to collaborate with researchers and engineers around the world in searching for solutions.




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