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Improving the Corporate Culture
In September 2002, TEPCO implemented countermeasures to guard against a reoccurrence of incidents with regard to inspection and maintenance operations at our nuclear power stations. At the same time, the Company announced four commitments in the interest of creating a "Corporate system and climate of individual responsibility and initiative." The actualization of the four commitments has been adopted as our social mission, and the entire Company is deeply involved in the effort.

To respond public confidence, it is essential to give top priority to safety in our operations. However, every employee from management to the front line of operations must once again consider that a "sense of security" can be gained only when two vital factors are both satisfied: "Assuring Safety" and "Building Mutual Trust."

Through strict safety procedures, TEPCO must make every effort to respond public confidence, beginning with the citizens of the regions in which its plants are located and extending to society at large.

1. Promoting disclosure of information and ensuring transparency of nuclear operations
Through conducting thorough information disclosure, TEPCO has established a system of independent inspections, and is highly transparent in the operation of its power generation plants.

- Disclose information on the management and operation of our nuclear power stations, so the public is able to confirm that our plants are being operated safely
- Established a scheme to check nuclear safety and quality control by a third party.

2. Creating a work environment where proper operations can be carried out
We will strengthen functions that contribute to proper performance of job-related duties by our employees and organizations.

- Set up an office to address ethical concerns.
- Established a Discrepancy Resolution Committee, a cross-organizational committee, which handles discrepancies in each plant.
- Reviewing all rules and manuals of the company.

3. Strengthening internal surveillance and reforming our corporate culture
TEPCO is re-establishing the existing corporate cultue of the Nuclear Power Division, and is building a corporate climate which produces cooperative atmosphere.

- Establish a quality assurance system in the Nuclear Power Division.
- Energize internal communications to share an awareness of issues through every stratum and division of the Company.
- Encourage exchange of views between the Nuclear Power Division and other divisions.

4. Promoting observance of corporate ethics
We will promote observance of corporate ethics in our operations through:

- Creating systems to ensure the observance of ethics
- Offering education and training
- Conducting internal and independent audits to keep a high degree of compliance

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