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Message from Makoto Okura, Representative, Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters

My name is Makoto Okura, I am the new Representative of the Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters.
Let me start by once again expressing our sincerest regret for the concern and inconvenience that we have caused over the people of not only the local community, but Fukushima Prefecture and society as a whole, as a result of the accidents at the Fukushima Daiichi and Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Stations.

It’s been more than six years since the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and in conjunction with the lifting of evacuation orders, residents are starting to return and conditions in the local towns and communities around the nuclear power stations are gradually changing. However, the fact that a multitude of residents still have no other choice but to remain in a state of evacuation is a painful reminder of just how much of an impact the accident has had.

In order to accelerate the revitalization efforts in Fukushima, each and every employee must go into the community to interact and foster friendships so that we may listen to the voices of society, and wholeheartedly engage in our duties with sincerity.

With ever fiercer competition caused by liberalization of the electricity and gas retail business amidst decreasing energy demands, the business environment we are in is harsh. However, we will steadily move forward to achieve the goals put forth in the Special Business Plan and implement various reforms.

Above all else, this is so that we can fulfill our responsibility to Fukushima. It is my intention to lead the way with a firm understanding of the mission of TEPCO and my role in bringing the group together and working as one to further develop our efforts to promote revitalization in Fukushima.

Thank you

Makoto Okura
Representative, Fukushima Revitalization Headquarters

June 2017


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