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Responsibility to the Fukushima Community

TEPCO will steadily continue revitalizing the community, decommissioning the plant, and aiding those affected by the March 2011 Tohoku Earthquake.

Fukushima Revitalization

TEPCO group puts its best efforts in revitalizing the community in Fukushima.

5,000 to 10,000 of TEPCO employees go to support the local residents every month. They respond to requests from the local municipalities and run various activities. TEPCO also actively maintains facilities to be the core for Fukushima revitalization and provides locals with employment opportunities.

TEPCO group is committed to the following :

  1. Supporting for a temporary return home
  2. Cleaning, weeding, and removing snow
  3. Transporting items such as desks, chairs, and books to new homes and schools
  4. Supporting farmers
  5. Holding nursing care training

Details can be found on the Fukushima Revitalization Office website:

Fukushima Daiichi Decommissioning

Fukushima Daiichi presents various issues from the nuclear accident in 2011 and requires long-term decommissioning work in a safe and steady manner. Because of the difficult nature of decommissioning the plant, both Japanese and international experts are supporting the process.

There are three major challenges in decommissioning:

  • Fuel removal from spent fuel pool
  • Fuel debris removal
  • Nuclear facilities dismantling

The mid- and long-term road map shows the entire decommissioning schedule and divides the completion time into four stages: reactor stabilization stage, first stage, second stage, and third stage. We are currently in the second stage. TEPCO holds inspections from international organizations and embassies and shares all analysis results of measured radioactive data.

Details can be found on the decommissioning project website:

Nuclear Damage Compensation

TEPCO group supports anyone affected by the nuclear accident. In order to do this, TEPCO upholds the following three commitments:

  1. Completion of every single payment
  2. Speedy and precise payments
  3. Respectful settlement proposals

More than 80% of claims have reached a compensation agreement so far.

Details can be found on the compensation payment website:

TEPCO group will continue fulfilling its responsibility to the Fukushima Community.

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